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  • Does FinancialFamilies enforce a minimum asset requirement?

    No, a minimum asset requirement is not enforced. Generally speaking, client families have $250,000 of net worth, or more. This figure is provided only to help describe a typical client family. It is not a requisite.
  • What is the cost of FinancialFamilies' services?

    Financial planning and investment management are provided for a fully transparent and clearly communicated annual fee of $2,400.

  • How are other advisors compensated?

    The vast majority of financial professionals receive commissions. Commission levels are based on product types and amounts and the financial institutions involved. Assets Under Management fees are also common and range from 0-2% of annual account values, obviously dependent on other factors and subject to a minimum investment requirement.

  • I am already retired. Am I too old for FinancialFamilies?

    Probably not! Many retirees seek assistance in using their investment portfolio for retirement goals, including preserving their assets long enough to pay living expenses to the end of life. Long-term care and rising medical expenses, Social Security decisions until age seventy, managing finances through reduced capacities, putting financial management services in place for the sake of a surviving spouse, providing for other family members, and a preference for fiduciary services are a few, among many, common reasons retirees reach out to FinancialFamilies.
  • Where are client investment accounts held?

    Families can hold their investment accounts wherever they prefer. Most client families choose to hold their accounts at Pershing ( Pershing is one of the world's largest financial clearing firms. They make it possible for FinancialFamilies to better administer and report on accounts, and they provide a level of protection to the family.
  • What has enabled FinancialFamily clients to hold investment accounts at Pershing?

    FinancialFamilies has engaged Shareholders Service Group (SSG; to provide technology and compliance support, portfolio reporting, transaction administration, and investment research. In this capacity, SSG makes it possible to hold client investment accounts at Pershing. Pershing does not provide retail services. Without this SSG relationship, clients could not hold their accounts at Pershing.
  • Can I sample the service?

    The best way to understand the extent of the service is to experience it firsthand. Therefore, your family can become a FinancialFamily client and choose to end the relationship at any time. The first day the relationship ends is the last day paid. There are no contract periods. Any amounts paid in advance, that cover days beyond the termination date, are promptly returned in full. There are no strings attached.
  • Can I receive references from current clients?

    Investment advisors are subject to strict rules prohibiting testimonials of any kind, and are even prohibited from accepting LinkedIn endorsements, for example. Here is the most recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidance. Please see this information to better understand how to review the background of a financial advisor.
  • What is ongoing financial planning?

    Financial markets, and the families that must navigate through them, are constantly evolving. Financial and personal gains are secured through regular, well-informed management of resources and behaviors.
  • How often are client meetings?

    How often would you prefer? Quarterly meetings are common. At least one formal meeting is required each year. Ultimately, the number of meetings depends entirely on how often client families desire, and are able, to meet. Most families come to prefer the ease of email, phone and video call contact.
  • I'm interested. Now what?

    Great! It is an honor to have an opportunity to help your family bring success home. Please use the contact information directly below to schedule a no-obligation, free Concept Meeting.